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We have a couple of different options to get your team signed up for any of our Tier One events.
1) If you wish to pay your entry fee and sign up all in one shot, please use the registration link for that particular tournament.  The registration links are located in the description of the tournament on the schedule page.
2) If you just wish to get your team signed up and pay at a later date, you can email us at .  This will get you on the Who's Playing list.  Please include the team name, age group, classification ("A" or "B"), head coach name, cell phone number, and the tournament name. 

All of our Tier One Events are pre-pay events meaning we no longer take payment at the tournament.  Entry fees must be paid by 8:00pm on the registration deadline.   If you do option number 1 above, your team will be all set.  If you do option number 2, we will email you a link prior to the event for you to make your payment or, if you wish to avoid the online processing fees, you can mail a check to -

USA Elite Sports
PO Box 757
Pikeville, NC 27863

Some of our events have payment deadlines well ahead of the tournament.  Those deadlines are clearly identified in the tournament details for those specific events.



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No matter how you sign up, you will need to ensure you have an active membership with SportsNgin, have became a member of our Tier One Network, and that your account is set up to receive text message notifications.

Tier One Softball Local Rules & Policies (Fastpitch)


Teams have until the registration deadline to enter an event and entry fees must be received before or on the registration deadline. To enter events, you can use the registration link located next to the tournament on the schedule page, or email us at


In most cases, teams have until Monday at 4:00pm to drop from a tournament the upcoming weekend.   If you drop after Monday, you will be subject to the following schedule:

Tuesday - $100 Fee
Wednesday - $200 Fee
Thursday - $250 Fee
Friday - 100% of entry fee

Certain events are considered pre-pay events.  If your team drops for any reason after the registration deadline,  you may be subject to losing a portion of or the entire amount your entry fee.  Those events are:  The Capital City Invitation, War On The Shore Showcase, East Coast Showdown, and Tier One Take Over, and any event involving a college field or stadium.


12, 10, and 8 after 3,4, and 5 innings of play.


The last batted out or substitute unless in championship play events.  Courtesy runners can be inserted at any time.

Intentional Walks
Coaches can indicate to the home plate official their desire to intentionally walk a batter by communicating such only when there are no runners on base.  If a runner is on base, pitchers must deliver four pitches.


Teams may bat their entire roster in both pool and bracket play by using Extra Players, designated as EP's on their line up card.  Exception - USA Softball Championship bracket play.

Teams can also use the DP/Flex in combination with EP's. The Flex player will be listed in the last position of the line up.


Prize drawings are held on Sundays after all teams are in.  In the event of a rain out or other events that could lead to a cancellation, Tier One reserves the right to modify and/or cancel drawings for the prize packages due to lack of teams, shortened tournaments, and in reason that the tournament director deems it necessary.


At times, circumstances out of our control will cause us to modify the tournament format, shorten game times, etc. in order to complete tournaments.  The exact amount of the credit will be determined after cancellation due to different parks rental fees, etc..Tier One, LLC reserves the right to deduct a portion of teams entry fees for associated tournament costs even if no games are played.  If there is a special situation regarding your team, please let us know.

There are no refunds on gate admissions and tournament t-shirts.

Gate Admission

Gate admission is $8 for ages 13 and up.  Ages 6-12 is $5 and kids under 5 are free.