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How To Play With Tier One

All teams must be registered/sanctioned with Tier One in order to play a Tier One event.
All registrations/sanctions expire December 31st and teams must renew each year.  However, teams registering now do not need to renew their registration until January of 2023

Teams must be able to present a valid insurance certificate during check-in at the tournament that list the teams name.

Teams will need to turn in a copy of their Tier One roster during check in.  The paper roster must contain parent signatures and be filled out in it entirety.  Please note, that during the registration process, you will be asked to fill out a roster.  You may skip this step during the registration process.  The online rosters are not valid for tournaments and you will be required to submit a paper roster. 

Registering for Tournaments

Teams must register online for tournaments they wish to participate in. A registration link for each event is included in the tournaments section of both the Schedule and Who's Playing pages.

During the registration process, you will have the option to pay your tournament entry fee online or mail in a check to the address provided.  All entry fees must be paid by the registration deadline.  Once you have registered for the tournament, please allow 24 hours for the web site to be updated to show your team on the Who's Playing list.

Umpire Info

If you are interested in calling games with Tier One Fastpitch, please send us an e-mail at Mike@

90% of our current umpire roster call at the collegiate level or have officiated high level high school games (play-offs).  At a minimum, you must have completed the high school registration process and have attended the annual clinic.

If you meet these requirements, please use the link below to register and join our awesome team of officials.  Games fees are either $45/game or $50/game depending on the tournament.  Tier One does not charge a booking fee or officials other than the fees associated with your registration.  Those fees cover your background check, abusive prevention certification, and insurance.

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Tier One Softball Local Rules & Policies (Fastpitch)

12, 10, and 8 after 3,4, and 5 innings of play.


The last batted out or substitute unless in championship play events.  Courtesy runners can be inserted at any time.

Tier One has adopted the college look back rule for all of it's events starting in 2022.

Intentional Walks
Coaches can indicate to the home plate official their desire to intentionally walk a batter by communicating such only when there are no runners on base.  If a runner is on base, pitchers must deliver four pitches.


Teams may bat their entire roster in both pool and bracket play by using Extra Players, designated as EP's on their line up card.
Exception - USA Softball Championship bracket play.


Teams can also use the DP/Flex in combination with EP's. The Flex player will be listed in the last position of the line up.

Coaches who are ejected from a ball game must leave the park for the remainder of the game for which they were ejected and may not return until after the completion of the teams next game. 
Coaches are responsible for themselves, assistant coaches, players, and fans.

Gate Admission

Gate admission for all events: $10 for ages 13 and up.  Ages 6-12 is $5 and kids under 5 are free.


Prize drawings are held on Sundays after all teams are in.  In the event of a rain out or other events that could lead to a cancellation, Tier One reserves the right to modify and/or cancel drawings for the prize packages due to lack of teams, shortened tournaments, and in reason that the tournament director deems it necessary.


At times, circumstances out of our control will cause us to modify the tournament format, shorten game times, etc. in order to complete tournaments. 
Teams will be credited toward a future Tier One event for games not played.  The exact amount of the credit will be determined after cancellation due to different parks rental fees, etc..

Tier One Fastpitch, LLC reserves the right to deduct a portion of teams entry fees for associated tournament costs even if no games are played. 

All showcase events and events involving a college stadium are "weather permitting". 

Camp Refunds
Request for camp refunds are subject and dependent to the AIG policy and limitations.  It is highly recommend to purchase the AIG/Regsaver insurance through the camp registration process.  

Gate Admissions / Tournament T-Shirts
There are no refunds on gate admissions and tournament t-shirts.